Dark World Of Instagram 🔥 | How Instagram Is Destroying Youth ? | Business Case Study

Molly Russell One day after watching self-harming content on Instagram Commits suicide. And in the police statement, her dad says that, Instagram helped kill my daughter. A 12th class boy from Gurgaon, 11.30 pm at night Commits suicide by jumping off from an 11-floor building. After which in the investigation it was found that, He was harassed on Instagram. 15-year-old Emily Silva says that When I see girls around my town look really good on Instagram I feel bad and very insecure. Due to social media today, Every 3/1 of girls has got body image issues. Be it a boy or a girl, Every 1/5 person is suffering from depression & anxiety.

 Today on Instagram slim bodies, Ass out images and by seeing fair & acne-free skin Everyone is feeling anxious or insecure. And how dangerous all these can be, You can't even think of it. But it was not always like this, Today Today it is the world's biggest advertising hub. Would anyone have thought even in their dreams, The app which once was not even used by 100 people, One day it will be so big That your time, money, and life Will control everything. What is the story behind it? A small application started by a small company, How did it become so big? And what are the secrets of Instagram? That are kept hidden from all of us. In the year 2004, Kevin Systrom who was studying in Standford Mark Zuckerberg for his Facebook Approaches him to make a photosharing feature. Kevin gets impressed by Zuckerburgs idea But as his friends said no to him, So they deny that offer. In his final year of college, Kevin, a company named Odeo Which today is known as "Twitter" Goes for an internship over there. After college, he gets a job in Google's marketing department. But he leaves that too. And finally In " NextStop" a social travel recommendation startup Starts working over there. And this is the place where he gets the idea for his startup. Kevin side by side with a location-based social networking And a photo-sharing app was built by him. 

Which was named Burbn. That comes from his favorite whiskey. But there was a very big problem. That problem was Neither the user interface of burbn good looking And it was not simple to use. Plus both the app & features both were so confusing That people were unable to understand How to use it? Because of it hardly anyone used this app. In fact in their initial days Burbn hardly had 100 users. And interestingly everyone was not happy with this app. But there is a catch, And the name of this catch is "Silicon valley wave". In 2009,2010 there used to be investor parties, Where in the USA silicon valley in tech startups Investors used to spend a lot. Because they knew that, Even 1/10 startup works Then they will earn billions. Kevin in such a party pitches his idea of Burbn. And guess what Kevin gets $50,000 funding. And this is the place from where it all starts. After this funding Kevin's college friend Mike Krieger Who was the co-founder of Burbn, noticed one thing Even after working so hard There are no new users on Burbn. To fix that thing, He goes and talks with the burbn's existing users. You tell me, What is the problem with this app? And after talking to them he comes to know that Half of the users don't know how to use the app. And interestingly, People had nothing to do with checking features & virtual prices. There is only one thing that excites them. And that is sharing photos. And by seeing this Kevin & mike remove all features of burbn Starts focusing only on the photosharing feature. And finally, burbn was made as Instagram. In the year 2012, At that time there was a mobile application That was a favorite of smartphone users. That application was named Retrica. Retrica just started And within less time, they had more than 2 million users. It was because, On retrica, people use to put filters on their photo They used to beautify them This was very fascinating for people at that time. By seeing this Instagram also added a filter feature to the app. And its result was, Everyone left Retrica and started coming on Instagram. And why not? On Instagram filters and photosharing Both the fun was available in one single place. Now there was one more problem. The growth of Instagram was so high, Kevin and Mike had problem's handling it. On AppStore launch in 1 day 25,000 And more than 1 million users in one month, That came on the app, The app was getting crashed repeatedly. People kept on uploading filtered photos on Instagram. This attracted more people and many more people joined. And in no time the size of this cycle kept on increasing. Behind Instagram's exposure growth Two factors have a very big hand. Number 1. Good product. And Number 2. Great timing. Instagram that was a fantastic product By launching it at right time, Instagram attracted big celebrities to it. Like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Because of their presence, Many people started coming on Instagram. And then Instagram's growth reached the next level. Now there was a very big problem. That problem was unclear clutter. Now celebrities and normal people. Everyone was joining Instagram. And likes & followers were people's digital currency. Because of this on Instagram, There were huge fake and bot accounts. Now the founders were in trouble. But the strange thing is, Now Instagram had more than 50 lakh plus users And interestingly only 4 people were managing the company, As Instagram kept on growing To handle platform and the cluture on it, They expanded their 4 people team to 13 people. And one day Kevin gets a phone call one day. And who knew that this one phone call Kevin, Mike And the life of 100 crores users of Instagram Will change it forever. But who was that phone call from? And what did they talk about on that phone call? And what happened after this phone call. That changed our lives forever. On social media, every day lakhs & crores of content is posted. Every day someone keeps on making something. But have you ever thought? Among that why only some content performs great. This same thing happens with businesses. There are only some businesses that work properly. And other businesses get failed. Whether it be business or content. Behind both getting viral there are some factors. "The Tipping Point". If you have read this book, Then you would have known about that things, Because of this any business or piece of content goes viral. At this time Facebook is dominating the social media world. But have you ever thought? How did this all happen? Well the reason behind all this Is in the book "Facebook Nirmata". Now I know as usual, who reads books. Neither does anyone has so much time And also reading books is very boring. So you can also do the same thing that I do. The tipping point & Facebook Nirmata These books book summary, You can listen on KUKUFM in easy Hindi language. And you know that, "ADI50" coupon code with which KUKU Fm's yearly subscription You can get a 50% discount. 

Is valid just for the first 250 users. So I mentioned the link in the description & comment box. The offer is limited choice is yours. Who called Kevin? And what did they talk about? Kevin picks up the phone and the voice that he hears He had heard it once before. This call was none other than Mark Zuckerberg. And as he picks up he straight away says one thing, I want to buy your company. And they offer Kevin 1 Billion dollars. And guess what? Kevin signs the deal. During this acquisition, Kevin was promised that Facebook will never interfere with Instagram's working. Kevin can run Instagram as he wants. In fact, Facebook by acquiring Instagram Instagram had a tech infrastructure solid backing. In the year 2012, Did anyone even in their dreams thought that, 18 months old one mobile application Which does not have a proper business model, Will one day be so dangerous for all of us? Very few people know this, After Facebook acquired Instagram Instagram's terms of service have been changed many times. In fact after this acquisition, In 2012, Instagram openly said that It has the right to sell your photos Without your payment or notification. Until 2015, Kevin and his team manually decided Which post should be promoted? And which post should not be promoted? Along with it the ads that use to run on Instagram Was manually & personally approved by Kevin & his team. But in 2016, Facebook deployed an ad revenue algorithm on Instagram. That changed our lives overnight. Have you ever thought about the like button on Instagram Why is it heart-shaped and red in color? Or Instagram on every like and every follow, Why do they send you notifications? And nowadays you can see those people's profiles on your feed, Whom you don't follow. But have you ever thought why does this all happen? And this is the place where Instagram's dark side is started. As you open Instagram, Instagram your like, follow, camera, microphone In fact your phone's photo gallery Starts collecting data from all these things. 

From this data, your social profile is created. And as you keep on scrolling Instagram, Algorithm gets more data. Because of this, the algorithm gets more and more powerful. And Instagram algorithm tracks your scrolling speed. If you are scrolling fast, Then Instagram will show you something Because of this, your scrolling speed will become slow. And you will spend more time on the platform. The more time you spend on this platform, By showing you that many ads, These companies capitalize your attention. I know you must be thinking, What is wrong with this? Well, the truth is, This thing is more dangerous than you see it. So now listen to me very carefully These are 2 factors that make Instagram insanely addictive. Number 1. Unpredictability. You don't know what you will get on the app. And number 2. Randomness. As you open the app, You start doing anything. You go from nowhere to anywhere. Even you don't get it. Unpredictability and Randomness Because of these 2 things dopamine is released in your brain. And as dopamine is released, You feel like using Instagram more. But you what, This dopamine has a huge side effect on our behavior. The name of that side effect is doom scrolling. Doom scrolling means you don't know what you want to do. What do you want to see? Just because you are seeing information in front of you In an empty way, you just keep on scrolling on and on. And because of this, you spend hours on Instagram But you don't have any benefit due to this. But these companies make a ton of a profit. The problem is not in algorithms or dopamine. The problem is without effort dopamine. And so if you are a lazy and unproductive person, 

Then you are more profitable for these companies. And by chance, if you are not like this, Then these companies will leave no stone unturned To make you like this. There are no free lunches in this world. I repeat, There are no free lunches in this world. And the cost of social media usage That cost is more than money. Do you know the real cost of you using Instagram? That real cost that life, Which you could have been living by working on your goals. And interestingly, all these do not end over here. But it eventually starts from here. As you start using more and more social media, Your social anxiety keeps on increasing like that. And when this increases, Then one thing happens from these 2. A state of unknown depression. Means you don't know, What are you stressed about? What are you anxious about? And number 2, Fake lifestyle. Now by watching other people's lives on social media You are stressed So you also decided, That you will also show your life like that on social media. On Instagram on every other profile, You will get fake likes & followers And in every other house, Some or another person has become an influencer. Because of this those who watch it Their mind goes into a constant state of comparison. Then by comparing their Instagram lives with their real-life Starts feeling bad about themselves. By watching that person's Instagram life You are feeling bad about yourself There are 99% chances that they are more stressed than you. Because failures and downfalls are part of every person's life. But you will never see anyone posting these things. According to the research on a High protector In India, there are 1.6 crore fake influencers. And interestingly You are that person who watches those fake influencers You feel bad about yourself. And the benefit is just of those influencers & Instagram. 

Now the most important, What is the solution to all this? Should you delete Instagram? No, But the right solution is Social media detox. And there are two parts to this detox. The first is completely cut-off. For the next 20 days delete all social media apps. And then move to the second part. That is pan out your usage. Make a set pattern or a set rule, I won't use more than this much per day. And after 20 days reinstall the app. Ans stick to your usage. Let me tell you an interesting thing, When you will reinstall after 20 days, There are very high chances you won't feel like using it. And most importantly, Don't make any content creator celebrity in your mind. Because as you do this, In your mind inferiority is triggered. Which leads to depression and anxiety. Neither I am a YouTuber nor a business coach. I am just an educator Who work is in few amount time In an interesting way I want to teach all that things Which are not taught to us by school or college. So if you want to know the truth about ola electric Then watch this video on right. 

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